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Letting you share our knowledge and passion from nursery to college. Destination Baie de Somme sites have designed workshops and educational programmes adapted to your needs.
Maison de la Baie de Somme 

Maison de la Baie de Somme

Making children the ambassadors of the Bay
Schools are welcome for visits and fun and educational workshops. Learning to observe nature, fieldwork, etc... Educational leaflets are available for teachers to help them prepare the visit.

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The workshops planned at the Jardins de Valloires enable children to better understand life in the gardens, the origins of plants and vegetables as well as how to protect nature and view it differently.
- "Sowing" workshop: learn about a plant’s needs, watch its development (making a biodegradable pot with seedlings)

- "Useful insects" workshop: better understand the usefulness of insects, how to encourage them in and make them a home in your garden (making a shelter)

- "Herbarium" workshop: learn to recognise the different types of leaf, plant diversity (making a vegetable mask or a cat’s head tree)

- Workshop of the 5 senses: come and discover the different garden plants, recognise their smell, texture and taste (tasting of edible herbs).

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Parc du Marquenterre 

Parc du Marquenterre

Educational aim.
Educational visit based on the observation and interpretation of species behaviour (ethology) depending on the seasons (migration, nesting, etc) The work carried out by staff in the reserve is explained (managing the environment, ringing, inventory, etc) as well as the other treasures of the site: mammals, insects, plants, etc...
If you want to organise a special programme for a group of pupil, please contact the education team.

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> A la recherche de Cici la Cigogne (NOUVEAU)
> A la découverte du Parc du Marquenterre
> A la découverte des Milieux Naturels de la Baie
> Gérer les milieux dans une Réserve
> 5 sens en éveil
> "Petits pattes, ailes, becs"
> Un, deux, trois, pattes, ailes, becs
> Chouette les pelotes
> En quête d'insectes
> Les dents de la mare
> Migration, voyager pour survivre
> Les bruits de la Nature
> Les experts de la Nature (NOUVEAU)

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