Les Jardins
de Valloires
The Gardens
A sensory journey

Located in the heart of the Vallée de l’Authie at the foot of a majestic Cistercian abbey, the Jardins de Valloires (gardens) are the work of landscape gardener Gilles Clément. Classed as a Jardin Remarquable (outstanding garden), this space contains numerous treasures with its five atmospheric gardens and more than 5000 species spread over 8 ha. Depending on the seasons and the time of day, it offers different sensations and views, full of surprises and things to discover. A landscape in perpetual motion, the Jardins de Valloires constantly reinvent our relationship with nature.

With family or friends, immerse yourself in the heart of a living nature and discover in turn the lines of a French-style garden, the wild and irregular side of the English garden or the scents of the rose garden.

During your visit, you’ll enter different worlds organised as themed clusters, combining botanical species from different families but with similar appearances:
- the regular garden with its yews and large lawn,
- the island garden where mixed bark and foliage form a living backdrop and invite you to dream,
- the meadow where nature reclaims its rights,
- the garden of the 5 senses where it’s fun to touch, feel, look, listen and taste,
- the Evolution garden, which tells the history of men and plants
- the rose garden mixing tones of white, pink and red against the backdrop of the Abbey
- the marsh garden and its wild atmosphere reminding us of nearby Authie

What’s the best time to visit the Jardins de Valloires?

Les 4 saisons aux jardins de valloires

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