- La Baie de Somme
The  Bay of Somme
Carte de France
The Baie de Somme is the largest estuary in the north of France, covering nearly 7200 ha. From north to south, it offers, according to the tides and the seasons, a very varied palette of colours, light and landscapes.
It’s also a region of many facets where natural spaces, seaside architecture and traditional activities mix.
All the ingredients are gathered to allow everyone, young and old, to enjoy a different kind of stay. On the programme: unusual discoveries with excursions on foot or by boat in the Bay;  authentic meetings with the local people, whether they are nature guides, fishermen... ; thrills galore with outdoor sports on water or sand and taste buds catered for in dishes with the flavours of the Bay.

A popular destination with families, the Baie de Somme is also a philosophy, another way to discover a region, to travel: tasting of local products, soothing trips with 45 km of cycle paths, 130 km of discovery tours, a little steam train, walking trails...
The Baie de Somme is a region acknowledged for the various actions taken there in terms of welcoming in visitors, managing natural areas and flows... Labels Grand Site de France, Club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World, Ramsar Site and 2 listed sites (Hourdel/Cap Hornu and Marquenterre) testify to the quality of the work and activities carried out in the region.

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- 20,000 inhabitants
- 10,000,000 tourists every year (including 2 million to the major nature sites)
- 72 km of coastline, of which only 15% built up
- 72 km² estuary
- 4500 ha of remarkable natural areas managed by the Syndicat Mixte Baie de Somme Grand Littoral Picard
- 3,000 ha natural reserve